My idea with Children's Voices was to create short and unique breakers for tv. They should leave the audience with a warm impression. I wanted to create a simple universe where children’s thoughts and stories visually could be seen. Therefore I developed a naive imagery, where everything was possible. The children’s thoughts and imagination are dictating the visual language, and what we see, we see through the eye of the kid.

René’s Hair

Nanna and God

Mikael from Vesterbro

Simon and the piggies

"When a candle burns out and someone dies, Death seeps in through a crack in the floorboards and takes the body of the dead person with him”.

A collaboration between Daily Wrestler and Basmati Film

Stills from the film

Rikard is a fox, and Ernst is his guardian albino duck. 
Together they make the ”perfect” detective team.
TV-series in development.
Target group - preschool.
(Don’t mind the color of Ernst, before he was a pigeon).

If.., going down the stop-motion road.

Crochet texture by very talented Jeanette Nørgaard.